Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml
Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

Tea Tree Essential Oil 10ml

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Tea tree oil is known as the “strongest disinfectant”. It is an indispensable helper for household cleaning. As face masks are worn for a long period, skin cannot obtain enough oxygen which cause bacteria to breed and acne to grow. Tea tree essential oils is an all-natural antibacterial substance. It possesses extremely strong disinfectant effect, which is 12 times more effective than the phenol in chemical bactericide. However, its mild and non-irritating nature makes it safer and more effective to use.

Tea tree essential oil is made from all-natural materials. No chemicals and alcohol are added.


Ingredients: 100% tea tree essential oil

How to use:

1) Household cleaning
Adding in tea tree essential oil can disinfect and inhibit the growth of bacteria. The mild woody aroma can purify the air and clean the home environment all-roundly. 

- Drip 4 drops of tea tree essential oil into 200 ml of water. Use container like hand sprayer. Shake it well and spray on the furniture. Let it dry naturally.

- Add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil to a bucket of water. Use a mop to clean the floor or a cloth to clean it directly. Let it dry naturally.

2) Skin care:
Drip a drop of tea tree oil on a cotton swab. Apply it gently on the acne. Use it twice a day.  

Net weight:10ml / 0.34fl.oz

Origin: Australia

Attention: Keep out of reach from children. Do not use orally. Do not use any undiluted essential oil directly on skin. Avoid contact with eyes.