About us

NINE is a noble number representing eternity.
ORIENS in Latin lexicon speaks for the East and the beginning.
NINE ORIENS appreciates the inherent beauty of every woman. We believe mindful and natural skincare is the key to timeless exquisiteness.  
NINE ORIENS is on the honour in bringing you premium skincare products. Our symbol signifies a clock standing still at 9, which points to infinite beauty. It is also a diamond ring that reflects our promise and commitment in integrating the best quality ingredients for the magnificent and healthy complexion.      
Captivating beauty originates from the confidence of the inner self. Our skincare products are created with love and passion, NINE ORIENS advocates in enhancing your natural beauty to the next stage. 
Begin with the best sensation.
Bring out the excellence and endless beauty in you.  
Experience NINE ORIENS.